Hi, I'm Brock.

I'm a full-stack software engineer based in the Pacific Northwest.


Some of the personal, public stuff I've built.

Interactive guide to statically type checking Python.

Tattoo portfolio and scheduling for my very talented partner.

A template for a statically generated storefront, integrated with live data from Stripe. Archived, but still neat.

I'm becoming a big fan of E2E tests with Cypress, but reloading a web application between each test can be fairly slow. We can avoid a lot…

It's worth watching this talk by Sandi Metz. It was given at a Ruby conference, but the concepts are language independent. Really, watch it…

Brief Intro to CloudFormation

This post is adapted from a quick-start guide I wrote for our infrastructure team. I wrote this because the CloudFormation docs, though well…

Using Storybook with Vue

Storybook is a fantastic tool for developing UI components, but there are a few tricks to pairing it with Vue. Here's a collection of…